Ammo Mig A.MIG 2178 Terraform Road Sand 100ml

Ammo Mig A.MIG 2178 Terraform Road Sand 100ml

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Ammo Mig
Ammo Mig

With this new acrylic formulation made with natural minerals, AMMO has enabled you to authentically recreate the texture of road sand. With its earthy tones and varied texture, this texture is perfect for recreating the distinct look of wet ground, this product allows you to create realistically unparalleled groundwork for your small scenes and dioramas. Stir the product well and apply directly from the large jar. 100 ml canister. Non-toxic and odourless product. Thin and clean with water. Dries completely within 24 hours and can be mixed with other similar products from our range of textures. Suitable for any scale from 1/16 to 1/48. If the result is too grainy, just let dry and sand to the desired texture.

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