About Us

J & C Creations started in 2004 by mother and daughter Denise and Jenny Packham making handmade greetings cards to raise funds for an expedition trip Jenny was embarking on to Mongolia. From there we began exhibiting at local school fêtes and garden shows where our range of products grew to include gifts. As we started attending more shows we increased our product range to include card making supplies, J & C Creations was born. In 2005 we took the plunge and exhibited at our first large hobby craft show at Brighton. What a big learning curve that was!!! J & C Creations began to grow whilst still trying to juggle a full time job and full time education between us.

As J & C Creations grew so did our staff as we were joined initially by Julie Tidey who you saw on the stand at some of the shows. After a few years we were also joined by Lisa Baker, who not only run some of our workshops but also demonstrated at the shows if Julie was not available. My other daughter Charlotte, also helped out during this time when University allowed.

Summer 2011 was the year we took the plunge and relocated to larger business premises. Then as we sped through 2013 there were a lot of changes at our warehouse as we were joined by Sue who has come in as warehouse manager. We also had a brand new workshop room built and started a programme of craft workshops. Along side this we also had 2 crafting social groups running every week.

2016 saw the end of the lease on our unit so what with increased rental prices and a lack of new accommodation we took the option to go internet based only with the website for ‘J & C Creations’, the parent company and the ebay shop of ‘The Craft Cupboard’.

It was at this time that Jennifer also left having achieved her ambition a few years previously of becoming a Commercial Airline Pilot for EasyJet, she was now married with a baby (Annabelle) on the way, so for a year I was on my own.

Then in 2017 we are expanding again having been joined with new partner Stephen Gash as well as continuing to expand the other 2 sites we started ‘The Modellers Toolbox’ a site where, perhaps for the man in your life, he can find all those tools that he (or she) needs for modelling, be it Model Railways or building plastic model kits, or any other hobby that requires those small tools required for any fiddley jobs.

Having had 6 successful years in this format which 5 years ago saw Stephen give up his full time job as a civilian in Kent Police Force to join the company on a full time basis we are now launching our new website under ‘The Modellers Toolbox’ banner although this can be accessed via the J and C Creations name as well

We work very hard on our business to maintain a high standard of customer service and satisfaction, so please do not hesitate to contact us if you have any problems or queries.

But it is a big ‘Thank You’ to Jennifer who has designed and built this website for us whilst not only continuing her job (albeit now part time, as she now has another 2 daughters, Josie & Fliss)

The Modellers Toolbox is part of J & C Creations.