Ammo Mig A.MIG7438 Wet Earth Tracks Set

Ammo Mig A.MIG7438 Wet Earth Tracks Set

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Ammo Mig
Ammo Mig

Comprehensive collection of products such as, textured mud, churned earth, track colours and washes
for the most realistic tracks in all manner of wet, muddy conditions. The most diverse and realistic effects
of tracked vehicles slogging through wet ground, accumulating the various textures of wet earth and soil.
The distinct appearance of wet and worn tracks is easily created (A.MIG-035, A.MIG-1004, A.MIG-3009),
while the variety of textures and tones is essential for tracks in wet terrain (A.MIG-1705, A.MIG-1752)

The set includes 3 enamel jars,1 pigment jar and 1 acrylic jar

A.MIG-1705 Wet Mud
A.MIG-1752 Loose Ground
A.MIG-1004 Light Rust Wash
A.MIG-3009 Gun Metal
A.MIG-0035 Dark Tracks

1-17ml Jar
1-35ml Jar (Pigment)
3-35ml Jars

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