Ammo Mig A.MIG7443 German Camouflage Weathering Set

Ammo Mig A.MIG7443 German Camouflage Weathering Set

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Ammo Mig
Ammo Mig

The indispensable finishing and weathering set for German camouflage schemes.
With the ideal wash, streaking, filter, pigment and mud splash colours. These effects
can b e used for almost any German Camouflage to create a wide variety of
realistic effects and finishes. Use them individually or in combination for a variety of effects.

Set includes: 1- wash, 1- streaking, 1-filter, 1- pigment, 1- splash

A.MIG-1000 Wash for German Dark Yellow
A.MIG-1203 Streaking Grime
A.MIG-1510 Tan for 3 Tone Camo.
A.MIG-1751 Dry Steppe
A.MIG-3007 Dark Earth

5- 35ml jars

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