Ammo Mig A.MIG7801 Wood Effects Set

Ammo Mig A.MIG7801 Wood Effects Set
Ammo Mig A.MIG7801 Wood Effects Set

Ammo Mig A.MIG7801 Wood Effects Set

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Ammo Mig
Ammo Mig

Wood Effects Set contains all the material necessary for authentically replicating natural wood
surfaces, including 2 different highly realistic wood grain decals from Uschi van Rosten.
This complete set provides the materials required, including base colour, wood grain decals,
washes and streaking effects. The product range is accompanied by detailed, step-by-step
instructions used to quickly apply the different techniques to accurately create all wood types
for an infinite range of subjects and purposes.

This complete set contains everything you will need for accurately painting and weathering wood
surfaces on aircraft, trains, armour and civilian subjects. This versatile set is an asset to both
beginners and experienced modellers who will benefit from the complete range of products used
to imitate authentic wood finishes provided in one comprehensive set.

There are: 4 jars-10ml, 4 jars-17ml, 1 jar-30ml, 3 jars-35ml, 1 jar-60ml

Products include:
A.MIG-0038 Light Wood
A.MIG-0088 Khaki Brown
A.MIG-0093 Crystal Red
A.MIG-0097 Crystal Orange
A.MIG-3508 Dark Mud
A.MIG-3512 Dark Brown
A.MIG-3514 Earth
A.MIG-3515 Ochre
A.MIG-1001 Afrika Korps Wash
A.MIG-1618 PLW Deep Brown
A.MIG-1252 Red Brown
A.MIG-8212 Aqua Gloss Clear
A.MIG-2022 One Shot Primer-White

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