Ammo Mig A.MIG 7455 Winter/Autumn Ground Pigment Set

Ammo Mig A.MIG 7455 Winter/Autumn Ground Pigment Set

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Ammo Mig
Ammo Mig

Cold and humid environments during winter and autumn tend to exhibit darker earth tones than terrain in warmer climates or seasons. This new set brings together a series of new dark shades of earth pigment tones. This set is ideal for representing the dark appearance of wet or fertile soil seen in many locations across Europe and Russia. These tones are also useful for agricultural and rural settings around the world. This set includes a complete range of realistic earth tones to help give more depth to your work and also includes pigment fixer.

5- 30ml Jars

Set includes:

A.MIG-3000 Pigment Fixer
A.MIG-3027 Farm Dark Earth
A.MIG-3028 City Dark Dust
A.MIG-3029 Winter Soil
A.MIG-3030 Factory Dirt Ground

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